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xTool M1 Laser Engraver and Vinyl Cutter

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by xTool

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Words From Our Happy Customers

*St.Patrick's Sale Week on xTool

xTool's Smart Laser Engraver & Vinyl Cutter

Over 500 Material Options, Infinite Creative Avenues - The xTool M1 stands out by skillfully cutting and engraving materials usually tackled by both Laser and Blade technologies. This ensures a vast array of possibilities for crafting gifts for all occasions. Never worry about a lack of inspiration again!

Exceptional Performance, Universal Application - As the world's first desktop hybrid laser and blade cutting machine, the xTool M1 seamlessly combines Laser Engraving, Laser Cutting, and Blade Cutting functionalities. This opens up a world of opportunities to effortlessly work with an extensive range of materials.

Smart Features, Seamless Operations - Housing a 16MP high-resolution camera, the xTool M1 provides a comprehensive view of the entire workspace, elevating your efficiency and productivity.

Live Preview - Beyond mere visualization, the XCS software empowers you to place diverse designs and patterns on various materials. Execute processing on a myriad of materials in one go, thanks to this real-time preview feature.

Automatic Focus Adjustment - Say farewell to intricate manual work with the xTool M1's one-click "auto-focus" feature. It streamlines the material processing setup, making your workflow more straightforward and efficient.

xTool Creative Suite Software - The xTool Creative Suite Software encompasses a rich collection of 500+ elements, 30+ fonts, standard parameter configurations, diverse editing functions, and a continuously updated library of step-by-step project files to guide you through your creative journey.


xTool M1 - 10W Basic

  • Contains xTool M1 10W Machine Plus $ 97.98 FREE Material Gifts
xTool M1 - 10W Deluxe

Contains xTool M1 10W Machine, RA2 Pro, FREE Air Assist Set, Plus FREE gifts ($286.97)
  • RA2 Pro: 4-in-1 rotary supports 90% cylindrical engraving.
  • FREE Air Assist: For cleaner and smoother laser cutting finish.

xTool M1 - 10W All-in-one Bundle

Everything you need to start engraving contains xTool M1 10W Machine, RA2 Pro, Air Assist, Riser Base with Honeycomb, Smoke Purifier, xToolCare and 5 coupons Plus $346.96 FREE Material Gifts
  • RA2 Pro: 4-in-1 rotary supports 90% cylindrical engraving.
  • Air Assist: For cleaner and smoother laser cuts.
  • Riser Base with Honeycomb: Supports higher objects, helps dissipate heat for cleaner cuts.
  • Somke Purifier: Achieves a 99.97% purification rate.
  • xToolCare: Cover 2 warranty events, free two-way shipping, hassle-free, cost effective.
  • Laser output power: 10W
  • Light spot size: 0.08*0.08mm
  • Security level: Class I (FDA Certified)
  • Maximum laser cutting capacity (under laboratory conditions): 8mm Basswood board
  • Maximum cuttable material thickness: ≤ 1.5mm (theoretical maximum, the specific thickness varies with the material, adhesive strength, knife head shape, etc.)
  • Maximum engraving speed: 250mm/s (bitmap processing); 160mm/s (vector processing)
  • Working area: 385 * 300mm (laser working); 365 * 300mm (knife cutting)
  • Engraving accuracy: 0.01mm
  • Focus mode: Auto focus
  • Connection method: Wi-Fi/USB
  • Operating system: Windows/macOS/Android/iOS
  • Noise level: <60dB
  • Weight of the whole machine: 9.8KG
  • Machine size: 557453230mm
  • Outer diameter of smoke exhaust pipe: 74mm
  • Supported file formats: SVG, DXF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIF, CR2, etc.
  • Power supply: 100~240V AC, 50/60Hz
  • Machine power: 121.5W
Creators Corner

Who we serve?

Whether you're an art pro, a small biz owner, or just love a good DIY project, the xTool M1 is your new BFF.

Picture this: your ideas, but now, add a touch of laser magic!

Let's turn your cool concepts into real-world wonders together! Why settle for ordinary when your craft can be extraordinary? Let's make some laser-powered magic happen with the xTool M1.

xTool Care
What is it?

With xTool Care you can Extend your coverage for up to 24 months, whatever hardware or software damage. Happy crafting, hassle-free warranty.

 What if going through accidental damage? No worries! xTool Care will cover 2 incidents and cut the cost of repairs or replacement by max. 80%.


1 Year xTool Warranty

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