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xTool F1 Fastest Portable Laser Engraver

by xTool

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Cinematic Corner

Words From Our Happy Customers

*St.Patrick's Sale Week on xTool

Personalize almost anything quickly on-the-go

Check out the xTool F1, a game-changer in the world of laser engraving with not one, but two powerful lasers packed into a single device! Picture this: a 10W diode laser and a 2W infrared laser (1064 nm wavelength) coming together for a creative powerhouse.

Dual Laser Magic: Ever dreamt of achieving top-notch engraving results on a variety of materials? The xTool F1 makes it happen by cleverly combining the strengths of both lasers. But that's not all – the 10W blue laser in the mix can cut materials without the need for pre-engraving.

Smart Focus and Easy Setup: Bid farewell to manual adjustments! The xTool F1 brings intelligence into the game. Choose between auto mode (enter material thickness, and the laser does the rest) or manual mode (adjust laser head height with a simple knob). And for a sneak peek, preview your design with a live engraving light at the precise spot.

Safety First: No need to worry about laser lights and smoke escaping! The xTool F1 is fully enclosed, complete with an integrated fan and air purifier to swiftly handle smoke and odor. Engrave in your private space or flaunt it in public – it's safe and pristine.

Inspired Creation, Anywhere: Connect with your creative side using your phone or laptop. The xTool F1 plays nice with Lightburn and throws in Free XCS software. Need guidance? The xTool Creative Space instructions are your creative companion.

Versatile Engraving Scenarios: Say hello to endless possibilities with 90% coverage of cylinder engraving scenarios. From chunk rotary to roller rotary, sphere rotary, and ring rotary – the xTool F1 has got your back.

Bigger Workspace, Better Finish: Expand your canvas with a larger working area for high-speed engraving. Keyboards, signs – you name it. And the xTool F1 ensures a clean, smooth cutting finish with its protected bottom plate.

Intelligent Design Features: Safety is top-notch with a two-layer filtration cover blocking harmful laser lights. Adjustable cover height safeguards materials, and the desktop stays laser-light-proof with impenetrable holes stabilizing the retaining frame.

In a nutshell, the xTool F1 is not just a laser engraver; it's your partner in creative crime, making your projects safer, smarter, and more spectacular than ever before! Let your creativity shine with xTool F1.

  • Contains xTool F1 Machine

xTool F1 + Slide Extension

  • Contains xTool F1 and Slide Extension
  • Slide Extension: 4X working area than xTool F1
xTool F1 Deluxe Bundle

Contains xTool F1, RA2 Pro, Slide Extension and Desktop Air Purifier
  • RA2 Pro: Process 99% curved objects with 4 in 1 rotary.
  • Slide Extension: 4X working area than xTool F1
  • Desktop Air Purifier: Process at home with 99.97% purification rate.

Type Details
Laser type 10W diode laser +
2W 1064nm infrared laser
Product size 179mm*235mm*334mm
Product weight 10 lbs
Accuracy Movement accuracy:0.00199mm
Repeat positioning accuracy:0.000248mm
Working area 115*115mm rounded rectangle
Expandable to 400*115mm with accessories
Preview Rect & Outline
Preview speed Rect:12000mm/s
Up to working speed 4000mm/s
Applications XCS / Lightburn
Connection WiFi & USB
Support file SVG / DXF / JPG / JPEG / PNG / BMP,etc.
Support systems Android / iOS / iPad / Windows / macOS
Input 24V 5A

Creators Corner

Who we serve?

Whether you're an art pro, a small biz owner, or just love a good DIY project, the xTool F1 laser engraver is your new BFF.

Picture this: your ideas, but now, add a touch of laser magic!

Let's turn your cool concepts into real-world wonders together! Why settle for ordinary when your craft can be extraordinary? Let's make some laser-powered magic happen with the xTool F1.

xTool Care
What is it?

With xTool Care you can Extend your coverage for up to 24 months, whatever hardware or software damage. Happy crafting, hassle-free warranty.

 What if going through accidental damage? No worries! xTool Care will cover 2 incidents and cut the cost of repairs or replacement by max. 80%.

  • 1 Year xTool Trouble Free Warranty
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