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Olympic Pottery Kiln - MAS1823HE

by Olympic
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Discover the future of kiln technology with our Made-to-Order Kiln Collection. When you select a kiln from this product page, please note that you're not just making a purchase – you're investing in a kiln meticulously crafted to your specifications and shipped directly from our factory. This level of personalization comes with a lead-time, and we invite you to contact us for precise delivery information.

However, if you're eager to have your kiln without delay, we have great news! We maintain a selection of in-stock kilns that are readily available for immediate purchase.

Go Green with Olympic's Energy-Efficient Medallion Series

Join us in embracing sustainability with our energy-efficient Medallion Series. These kilns feature a 3" brick construction that offers exceptional insulation for energy-efficient firings. The inclusion of an electronic controller ensures not only precision but also convenience in managing your kiln's firing process. By choosing the Medallion Artist Kiln, you not only embrace environmental responsibility but also make a smart financial decision.

Our Medallion Artist Series kilns are equipped with 3" brick insulation, enhancing energy efficiency and providing consistent, reliable results with each firing.

The Medallion Series proudly presents the use of green electrical boxes, making it an eco-conscious choice. Firing with the Medallion Artist Series guarantees consistently impeccable results, day in and day out.

Solid State Relay: The Kiln's Heartbeat

A Solid State Relay (SSR) is the hidden champion of your kiln's operation. These efficient marvels control the power cycling of the elements, capable of enduring high power loads with rapid responsiveness. Compared to standard mechanical relays, SSRs offer precision and energy savings. With an SSR, you achieve meticulous temperature control for perfect firings, prolong the life of your kiln's elements, and reduce your electricity expenses. Unlike mechanical relays, which have moving parts susceptible to wear, SSRs are built to last, promising reliability throughout your kiln's lifetime.

Choice of Controllers to Suit Your Needs

At Olympic, we take pride in offering a variety of premium digital controllers. These controllers are designed for performance and accuracy, ensuring that your firings meet your exacting standards.

  1. Genesis by Bartlett Instruments: The Genesis is a touch-screen controller, providing extended functionality compared to traditional button-based models. It has the capacity to store up to 12 distinct programs, with up to 32 segments per program. Whether you need to add, skip, or adjust temperature during the firing, the Genesis delivers. This controller combines the convenience of a smart controller with straightforward programming.

  2. V6-CF by Bartlett Instruments: The V6-CF features a numerical keypad and multiple additional buttons for accessing various functions. It allows operators to create up to four custom firing programs, each with up to eight segments, and two custom firing programs with 16 segments. You can make adjustments on-the-fly, preheat when necessary, and utilize the Cone Fire mode to achieve the desired results. The V6-CF is the preferred choice for ceramic firings.

  3. RTC-1000 by Bartlett Instruments: The RTC-1000 controller enables operators to craft up to six custom firing programs, each with up to eight segments. For more complex firings, the "ramp-hold" feature supports up to 16 segments. Need to make changes during firing? No problem. The RTC-1000 accommodates on-the-fly adjustments to your firing schedule, ensuring precision in your outcomes. This controller is recommended for glass firings.

  4. 3K-CF by Bartlett Instruments: The 3K-CF serves as our basic, no-frills controller. It can store up to four custom firing profiles, each with up to eight segments. While it gets the job done, we recommend upgrading to one of the other available controller options. Your controller is the heart and brain of your kiln, and it's worth investing in one that offers more features and flexibility. The 3K-CF is ideal for those who plan to use their kiln occasionally and do not foresee expansion in the future.

Orton Vent Master Downdraft Vent System

For the safety of you and your creations, it's essential to vent your kiln to the outside. When materials are heated in a kiln, they release toxic byproducts into the air. The Orton Vent Master employs patented Downdraft Venting technology to remove fumes and vent them outside through a duct or window, enhancing safety and air quality. This process also improves airflow and temperature uniformity, guaranteeing precise firing. Additionally, it extends the life of your kiln's elements and metal components, ensuring a longer-lasting kiln and reducing maintenance costs.

Lid Lifter for Effortless Operation

Opening a kiln lid can sometimes be a formidable task due to its weight. Our optional lid lifter alleviates the effort required to operate the kiln lid, doing so with grace and ease, without any adverse effects on the kiln. While our kilns are manageable without the optional lid lifter, it adds a level of convenience that our customers find truly enjoyable, making it an excellent addition to your studio.

Stand with Caster Wheels: The Mobility Solution

Standard kiln orders include a stationary stand designed to support the weight, heat, and shape of the kiln. However, moving a kiln without caster wheels can be challenging and risk damaging the stand or the kiln itself. Selecting a stand with caster wheels ensures a smooth and effortless process when you need to relocate your kiln. Whether you wish to store your kiln in a corner of your workspace or transport it between rooms, caster wheels are invaluable.


Model MAS1823HE
Max Temperature 2350 °F
Inside Dimensions 17.5" x 22.5"
Exterior Dimensions 31.5" x 36.5"
Volume (Cu. Ft.) 3.29
Power Plug Type NEMA 6-50
Voltage 240
Watts 6,300
Amps 30
Shipping Weight (lbs.) 215
Shipping Lead Time Made To Order - Please Contact Us
Warranty 1 Year

This Warranty Is Applicable to All Kilns Manufactured by Olympic Kilns That Are Used for Ceramics, Pottery and Glass.

Cone 10 Kilns Have a One-Year Warranty and All Other Kilns Have a Two-Year Warranty. Certain Parts, Thermocouple, Kiln Sitter Tube Assembly, Are Not Covered Under Warranty, Nor Is Kiln Furniture.

Haugen Manufacturing, Incorporated guarantees to the original purchaser that any defects in OLYMPIC KILNS which become apparent within two years (one year for the Dawson Kiln Sitter and safety timer which is covered by warranty from W. P. Dawson, Inc. and kilns rated at cone 10) will be remedied as specified below.

Our warranty, of course, does not cover any kiln damaged or altered by you or others after it leaves our factory. Our warranty does not cover damage due to reduction or salt firing, over-firing, exceeding the maximum cone or temperature ratings, improper installation, use of electrical voltages different than those specified, or firing material other than ceramics.

If a defect of manufacturer becomes apparent, and your retailer does not resolve it to your satisfaction, we will in the following manner: Within (6;) days of the first indication of a defect, tell us in writing of defect, and the date, place and proof of the your purchase. We will contact you to determine what parts seem to warrant repair and to instruct you as to shipment of the kiln parts. You will dismantle, package, and ship the parts we request (and no others), to us at your cost, freight prepaid. If the kiln has a defect of manufacture we will repair, replace or refund as is appropriate, within (30) days. We will ship to you at our cost in your package, for you to reinstall at your cost. If the parts shipped by you to us are in need of repair or replacement for something which is not covered by this warranty, we will not perform the work until you have authorized the work and made arrangements for payment. If substantially an entire kiln is returned for repair under warranty, you will prepay the cost of packaging and shipping both to and from the factory.

We shall in no event be liable for injuries to persons or property or for incidental, contingent, special or consequential damages arising from the use of our products. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

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