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Hermle Debden Classic Mechanical Mantel Clock

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by Hermle
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The Hermle Debden Classic Mechanical Mantel Clock is a masterfully crafted timepiece that merges rich, high-quality wood cases, either walnut or mahogany, with intricate detailing to create a stunning mantel clock that complements your decor beautifully.

Clockmaker Craftsmanship - Reliable as Clockwork: Hermle is renowned for its precision craftsmanship. This tradition of excellence is a hallmark of every Hermle product. With decades of German expertise and quality assurance, Hermle consistently delivers exceptional timepieces. This clock reflects the dedication to quality, precision, and artistry that defines the Hermle brand.

Manufactured in Germany and the USA: Hermle upholds its tradition of quality not only in Germany but also in Amherst, Virginia. Here, Hermle Black Forest Clocks manufactures clock movements and cases. With a range of styles and models, Hermle brings German quality and American craftsmanship together. The Amherst plant specializes in crafting traditional clock cases and movements, blending German precision with American hardwoods to create highly sought-after timepieces. Some styles even pay homage to early American traditions and include licensed Colonial Williamsburg reproductions.

* Due to manufacturing differences, graphic reproductions' limitations, and variations in natural and artificial lighting, actual finishes may differ from the images in our literature. As with any natural wood product, variations in wood grain and other natural characteristics are normal. Therefore, it is advisable to view a display before making a final decision.

Key Features:

Timekeeping Elegance: This clock boasts a Mechanical, 8-day movement, which means it only requires winding once a week to keep perfect time. The Westminster chimes, known for their harmonious and melodic tones, grace your living space with a beautiful sound that resonates with every hour.

Lunar Influence: The Debden Classic features an etched moon phase dial, displaying the current phase of the moon. This celestial touch adds a unique and elegant aspect to the clock, connecting you to the rhythm of the night sky.

Charming Design: The clock's wonderful arch and brass accents bring character to your surroundings. The hinged access door protects the delicate moon phase dial while adding a timeless appeal.

Versatile Mute: For moments when you desire silence, a conveniently located silence lever lets you mute the chimes.

Elegance Meets Precision: The Debden Classic marries timeless design with precision timekeeping. Its weekly winding requirement ensures accurate timekeeping.

Moon Phase Magic: The moon phase dial connects you to the lunar cycle, adding a celestial touch to your living space.

Harmony in Sound: The Westminster chimes deliver a delightful auditory experience with their harmonious and melodious notes.

Aesthetic Versatility: Choose between the rich tones of mahogany and walnut to complement your decor.

For Discerning Collectors: If you appreciate fine craftsmanship, precision timekeeping, and a touch of celestial charm, the Hermle Debden Classic is a superb choice for your mantel or table.




    • Dimensions: 12” x 8.5” x 5.5” (Height x Width x Depth)
    • Movement: Mechanical, 8-day, 4/4 Westminster with Moon Phase Dial, Floating Balance
    • Chimes: Single Chime
    • Chime Frequency: Every 4/4 hours
    • Finish Options: Mahogany and Walnut
    • Made in Germany
    • Manufacturer: Hermle
    • Manufacturer Warranty: 3 Years
    • Model Numbers: 819914013880, 819914010612
    • No Sales Tax
    • Free Shipping in the U.S.


    Franz Hermle started his clock company in 1922 once Germany began recovering from World War I. His focus was on attention to detail and expert craftsmanship, which is still seen in the clocks they produce today. Exquisite wood selections, stains, paint, designs and movements are what make Hermle such a renown and quality brand.

    By the 1930s, Hermle became world renown for their clock movement manufacturing, leveraging modern advancements in engineering that put them ahead of the competition who still used 19th century methods to manufacture their movements. This increased the efficiency and precision of making the clocks and resulted in a better overall product.

    Hermle Clocks is known worldwide for their wide range of Grandfather clocks, Wall Clocks, Mantel Clocks and Regulator Clocks. With facilities in the United States and Germany, Hermle and their 500 employees keep a close eye on the quality of the items they produce.

    For 100 years, Hermle has set the stage and standard for quality clock movements and timepieces. They continue to push forward and innovate with modern designs as well as uphold antique traditional styles. Hermle movements are found in a wide variety of other clock makers internals and they continue to offer a quality product unlike any other.



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    Access the Hermle Warranty Policy here

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