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AquaCal SQ125 HeatWave SuperQuiet Series Pool Heat Pump 101,000 BTU

by Aquacal

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Electrical kW Input
Electrical Voltage/Hz/Phase
Electrical Min. Circuit Ampacity
Electrical Max. Fuse Size
Water Flow Min./Max. (gpm)
Physical Weight (lbs)
Shipping Weight (lbs)


Heat Only












Heat & Cool












Heat Only












Heat Only












Heat & Cool











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Cinematic Corner

The #1 Pool Heat Pump Manufacturer In The Industry

Cost Effective

The ONLY heat pump that allows you to maximize the potential savings of a variable speed pump is an AquaCal®. Heat a pool for about 25% of the cost of heating it with gas.


AquaCal Heat pumps are eco-friendly with minimal impact on your carbon footprint. Optimizing heat transfer efficiency improves overall performance, maximizing energy savings for optimal heating.

Loved By Everyone

You don’t need to look far to hear the praises when it comes to Aquacal’s heat pumps. There’s over 400,000+ happy customers worldwide.


AquaCal has been producing quality heat pumps since 1981. Every pump is tested to meet AquaCal’s high standards of reliability to guarantee you get the most out of your new pump.

Ultra Quiet

Have no fears of waking up the neighborhood when you’re looking for an early morning dip.. AquaCal heat pumps are the quietest pumps on the market.

HeatWave SuperQuiet SQ125 Pool Heat Pump

Looking for the most cost-effective pool heater without sacrificing performance? The HeatWave SuperQuiet SQ125 is the way to go!

  • Advanced Technology: Packed with features, including a ThermoLink Titanium Heat Exchanger for unmatched heat transfer.

Pool Sync Aquacal SQ125

Now you can control your heat pump right through your smartphone. Adjust your temperature setting in the PoolSync app.

AquaCal Heat Pump – Dive into Cost-Efficient Luxury

  • Superior Performance: The patented ThermoLink Heat Exchanger ensures A-grade performance and unique flow traits.
  • Hydraulic Design: Adds only 2 PSI at 45 gpm, increasing compatibility with two-speed & variable speed pumps.
  • Efficient Savings: Save with a variable speed pump by reducing RPM, and in a single speed pump setup, less run time needed.

Switching Gears to the Digital Side

  • Tech Marvel: The Microprocessor with Display takes charge – weather-resistant, with easy navigation and real-time status updates.
  • Compatibility: Connects seamlessly with a wide range of external controllers for integrated heating and cooling.

Worried about Wear and Tear? Fear Not!

  • Robust Design: Louvered side panels safeguard the evaporator coil and promote optimal air circulation.
  • Durability: Rust and fade-proof cabinet, tough against impacts, with an integrated drain pan for effective condensate management.

AquaTop Innovation – Elevating Protection

  • Game-Changer: The AquaTop Innovation ensures the most efficient air circulation, shielding internals from debris.
  • Exclusive Top: Globally shields internal components and blocks debris for an extended 10-year warranty on the evaporator coil.

So, there you have it – the HeatWave SuperQuiet SQ125 and AquaCal Heat Pump duo, bringing the A-game to your pool experience!



  • Heating Power
    • At normal conditions: 101,000 units
    • Slightly cooler conditions: 95,000 units
    • Cooling mode: 62,000 units
  • Efficiency
    • In typical conditions: 6.5
    • Slightly cooler conditions: 6.1
    • Cooling mode: 4.0
  • Coolant Type: R410A

Electricity Details

  • Heating Type: H
  • Electricity Usage: 4.6 kW
  • Power Compatibility
    • A: 208-230V, 60Hz, 1 Phase
    • B: 200-230V, 60Hz, 3 Phase
    • E: 380-415V, 60Hz, 3 Phase
    • G: 460V, 60Hz, 3 Phase
  • Fuse Size (A): 60
  • Minimum Circuit Power (A): 40.5

Water Flow

  • For high water flow, a special kit is needed
  • Safe Flow Range: 30 to 70 gallons per minute

Physical Features

  • Weight: 258 pounds
  • Size: 34 inches x 34 inches x 44 inches

Shipping Info

  • Weight During Shipping: 298 pounds
  • Package Size: 37 inches x 36 inches x 51 inches
*Tested according to the AHRI standard 1160 for different water and air conditions.


  • Heat or Heat & Cool: H
  • kW Input: 4.6
  • Voltage / Hz / Phase: 208-230 / 60 / 1
  • Maximum Fuse Size: 60
  • Minimum Circuit Ampacity: 40.5
  • Over Temperature Alarm Kit: STK0221 (single phase), STK0222 (three phases)
  • Recommended Breaker Size: 50

Water Flow:

  • *A Heater Bypass Kit is required when flow rates exceed the maximum
  • Minimum / Maximum (gpm): 30 / 70


  • Weight (lbs): 258
  • Length x Width x Height (in): 34" x 34" x 44"


  • Shipping Weight (lbs): 298
  • Length x Width x Height (in): 37" x 36" x 51"

Rated in accordance with AHRI standard 1160 water temp/ambient air/relative humidity.


National Warranty Information


Brochure 60Hz English

Words From Our Happy Customers

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Meet Our Experts

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Other shoppers asked

Where can I find more info on which pump is best for my pool?

You can use AquaCal's free sizing calculator to determine best fit by visiting here:

Why should I consider heating my pool with a heater?

Heating your pool or spa economically is possible with a heat pump. An AquaCal® heat pump can save you up to 80% over propane gas, 50% to 70% over natural gas, and over 600% against electrical resistance heaters commonly found on most spas. That's why thousands of customers choose heaters to heat their pools over alternative types of heaters. A heat pump makes the most sense if you plan on heating your pool, and the most economical heat pumps feature SCROLL compressors. AquaCal’s HeatWave heat pumps were the first to feature SCROLL compressors as their standard.

How does a heat pump work?

A heat pump functions differently from other pool heaters. It extracts heat from the outside air and transfers it to the pool water, without burning energy to create heat. It simply collects solar energy and transfers it to the water.

Why do AquaCal heat pumps cost more than other heaters?

Electric heat pumps initially cost more due to their innovative technology that sets them apart from gas heaters. However, considering the total cost of ownership, an electric heat pump from AquaCal is far cheaper than a traditional gas heater. Thanks to our patented ThermoLink technology, our electric heat pumps can run for as little as $14.70 per month, compared to gas heat pumps that could cost hundreds a month.

How long will it take to heat my pool?

The initial heating time varies based on pool size and air temperature. Once your pool reaches the desired temperature, the run time can be as little as a few hours per day.

Why do people prefer electric heat pumps over gas heaters?

Electric heat pumps are more eco-friendly and efficient, transferring free heat from the air to your pool water with minimal energy consumption. They also tend to have fewer working parts, reducing the likelihood of breakdowns or repairs.

What is AquaCal’s ThermoLink heat exchanger?

AquaCal's ThermoLink technology features a patented titanium heat exchanger that extends the life of your heat pump investment, saving you money. Look for the "Titanium Inside" decal found only in AquaCal heat pumps.

What size pool heat pump is needed for my pool?

Pool heat pump size depends on pool size, desired water temperature, and local climate. Contact us for a free heat pump recommendation that fits your budget.

How long does an AquaCal pool heat pump last?

An AquaCal Heat Pump typically lasts between 12-15 years, depending on the model, pool size, and usage.

Are AquaCal heat pumps reliable?

AquaCal is the largest pool heat pump manufacturer globally, with over 35 years of experience and over 250,000 heat pumps built. We lead in electrical heat pump technology, providing homeowners with efficient pool heating solutions. All our heat pumps are made in the USA, and we offer full service and support.

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